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  • Audio Book Almost Done!

    Audio Book Almost Done!

    The audiobook version of Warden’s Will is technically done now!  We’re finalizing the product for sale and I’ll update you guys when it’s available for order through Audible!  Amy Landon has done awesome work, and she has been great to work with.  You guys are going to love it! HeathCats.  Cats everywhere.  I guess this […]

  • Book Out! (LINKS INSIDE)

    Book Out!  (LINKS INSIDE)

    This is it, guys.  The book is now officially released!  The digital copy is up for sale RIGHT NOW, and the paperback should be up very, very soon.  I am told that it can take 3-5 days to become available in other (outside the USA) countries, and if that is the case I apologize in […]

  • Book Release Imminent!

    Book Release Imminent!

    I’ll keep this brief so as not to bore you folks, but the new book is almost upon us!  I received the proof of the print copy today and it looks good, so we’re going ahead with publication.  I’ll be posting links as soon as they’re live, but the second book is finally ready!   […]

  • Editing Finished

    Editing Finished

    Today I finished the final edit of Book II of the Tyranny Cycle, AKA The Will and the Way.  I’m working on finalizing the file formats and making sure things are as tidy as I can make them with the intention of releasing the new novel as soon as it’s ready to publish.  This means […]

  • A Difficult Road

    A Difficult Road

    Things haven’t been easy here lately.  I just recently had to have my sweet old cat, Lillith, put down.  She’d been my friend for over twelve years, and gave her name (in part) to my latest protagonist, Lillin.  Saying goodbye to her has been terrible, and the depression that came afterward has lingered and made […]

  • Audio Book News!

    Audio Book News!

    Hey friends and fans! Today I have some excellent news to share.  It has been a bit of an uphill battle to get here, but I am very excited to announce that Warden’s Will has found a new voice for Lillin.  Though there were many good auditions, I think we found our heroine in Amy Landon […]

  • Current Status

    Current Status

    Today I got Warden’s Will cleared to start a new production for the Audio Book, so I’ll be working on getting that set and going again.  Hopefully you guys won’t have to wait too much longer for a release.  I’m sorry it couldn’t be done faster, but sometimes things fall through no matter how badly […]

  • Status Update

    Status Update

    Alright, I have some more news to share today.  The website is fully operational again. is back online, as is the associated e-mail address.  It took a bit longer than I would have liked, but now things should be working as intended. Unfortunately that’s the good news, and all good news must come with […]

  • A Facebook Update

    Horror Fantasy – The Fiction of Heath Pfaff I’d intended to wait until the old web domain was back online and consolidate some news, but unfortunately offoxsmind is still down and I’m too impatient to wait. I had some issues with my old domain host not letting things go very smoothly, but now that those […]

  • A Facebook Update

    A Facebook Update

    Of Fox’s Mind | This is the official fan page for all of Heath Pfaff’s books and stories. Welcome! Just a heads up, the domain will probably be down for a bit starting this Saturday night. This includes my primary e-mail account there. GoDaddy is going as slow as they can on transferring ownership […]