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Today I have some excellent news to share.  It has been a bit of an uphill battle to get here, but I am very excited to announce that Warden’s Will has found a new voice for Lillin.  Though there were many good auditions, I think we found our heroine in Amy Landon and I believe you’ll think the same once you hear her!  You can click on her name to see her IMDB page and learn more about her, or you can visit her personal website:

Amy is an excellent and established voice actress and movie/tv actress.  She has a veritable mountain of experience, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with her.  We hope to have the audiobook finished around mid-August, but things might come together before then.  I know that’s a bit of a wait for those of you who were hoping for a release last year, but I promise we’re moving at the best pace we can, and the quality of this release will be spectacular.

If you’re as excited as we are about this, give this a like and a share!  Keep your eyes on this page as we’ll be doing some giveaways for books keys once the audiobook goes live!

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