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Of Fox’s Mind | This is the official fan page for all of Heath Pfaff’s books and stories. Welcome!
Just a heads up, the www.offoxsmind.com domain will probably be down for a bit starting this Saturday night. This includes my primary e-mail account there. GoDaddy is going as slow as they can on transferring ownership to my new registar. By Saturday it’ll be about two weeks since I started the process.

In the mean time, the new website is up and running at http://ift.tt/2BW59EN and I can be reached via e-mail at fox@chaosawakens.com.

And, of course, http://ift.tt/2o5EADG and www.heathpfaff.com and www.chaosawakens.com will all still get you to my website, not that there is a rush of new content there at the moment.
More info @ http://ift.tt/2EHmzpC
Automated post from Heath Pfaff – http://ift.tt/2BW5do1
February 15, 2018 at 01:03AM

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