A Series of Unfortunate EXISTENCE

Sorry for the delay on giveaway stuff, folks. It has been a busy week, and the computer I use for all of my graphical work no longer loads into Windows, which means I’ve lost a great deal of graphical assets and the tools I use to produce them.

We had a power outtage earlier this week, and I think it may have caused a hard drive failure on my primary drive. This is quite a big blow since I use that machine for putting together covers, graphics for the website, graphics for . . . well, graphics for everythign to do with my work. Fortunately it still boots into Linux, which was on a seperate drive, and I’m hoping I can recover – at the very least – the work files so I don’t lose all of my assets.
How bad is this? Well, I have no money at all to replace the drive or the copy of Win 10. I have a much older windows machine that I can use to try and work with the graphics files if I recover them, but I’m not sure I can. If I can’t recover the files, I will be losing years and years of work.

I will be ordering books for those getting signed copies very soon. We’ve had to wait for a little bit of money to come in, but that will be done soon. Keychains are still happening, but I don’t have a way to put together graphics for you to see what they look like so you can decide what design you’d like. I’m going to try doing it on my Linux machine later. I’m not real familiar with Gimp so it’ll be interesting. Fortunately the files for my laser etcher were on the network storage.

I’m sorry guys. Wish I had better news today. I am so burned out on being broke and on a string of bad luck.

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