A Quick Word From Your Writer

Facebook is seriously putting the pressure on for me to update.

Yes, I get it, I’ll update!

Facebook: You haven’t talked to all those people who like you in a while. There are 144 people who haven’t heard from you. What if they’re worried? What if they’re sad because you don’t talk to them? Why do you hate your fans?! You’re a terrible person.

Facebook: “Hey, I see you’re going to talk to your fans . . . if you give me some money, I’ll make it so more of them hear you.”

Me: That sounds like emotional blackmail and then extortion.

Facebook: Nah, we’re just looking out for you. We wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you. . . . or your 144 fans.

Me: What?

Facebook: What?

Okay, so most of that didn’t happen, but I’m allowed flights of fancy. Here is your quick update.

Book 4 of Tyranny Cycle is well underway now, book 2 is finishing editing for the audiobook. I’m still working on the app for the Pen and Paper game, but it has come a LONG way. It is fully useable now, but is still far from feature complete.

I am working so much that I often forget to take time to do things that aren’t work related. SHIT, I just remembered keychains. Alright, this week is keychain week. These are getting done. Sorry, SO SORRY, about the slowness on this. I am terrible and I apologize. Try not to hate me too much.

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