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  • Warden’s Fall

    Warden’s Fall

    Book 3 of the Tyranny Cycle is now ready for print and can be had from Amazon. If you’ve been waiting to get a print copy, I am prepared to take your money now! >:D Well, mostly Amazon is ready to take your money, but they throw me some change. ALSO, do not forget…

  • Warden’s Will Audiobook Ready!

    Warden’s Will Audiobook Ready!

    Warden’s Will is ready for you to listen to!  The book is now available through Audible and will be available through Amazon in the near future.  I’ve listened to it and it is an excellent reading.  You’re going to be very happy with this one, folks! The book is ready by the lovely, talented, Amy…

  • Book Out! (LINKS INSIDE)

    Book Out!  (LINKS INSIDE)

    This is it, guys.  The book is now officially released!  The digital copy is up for sale RIGHT NOW, and the paperback should be up very, very soon.  I am told that it can take 3-5 days to become available in other (outside the USA) countries, and if that is the case I apologize in…