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  • Waiting, Pt. 5

    Waiting, Pt. 5

    Part 1 is HerePart 2 is HerePart 3 is HerePart 4 is Here You draw your sword and rush to the ramp leading up onto the ship. You won’t let your men face this threat alone.  Your heart is hammering in your chest, and it’s not the exertion of the run. Terror grips you at […]

  • Waiting, Pt. 4

    Waiting, Pt. 4

    Part 1 is Here.Part 2 is Here.Part 3 is Here. “We can’t get into another fight now.”  You spoke as the thought came to you. You couldn’t fight an entire horde of those creatures, and if that was what was coming over the hill in your direction, you wouldn’t stand a chance.  It would better […]

  • Waiting, Pt. 3

    Waiting, Pt. 3

    Part 1 HERE.Part 2 HERE. “Kindle, wait here.  Vella and I are going forward to see this fellow coming down the road.  If anything seems amiss I’ll dip my torch twice quickly. If I do that, I want you to run back down to the camp as fast as you can and tell them to […]

  • Waiting Pt. 2

    Waiting Pt. 2

    Part 1 is HERE. “Fine, if there are no volunteers it’ll be Vella, Kindle and myself.”  You sigh and shake your head. It’s important the men respect you, and besides, getting up and moving might help you warm up some.  At least that is what you tell yourself as you move away from the fire […]

  • Waiting pt. 1

    Waiting pt. 1

    The winter wind came in off the river and cut its way through the trees, causing your campfire to flicker and thrash at the air as though fighting to live.  You draw your cloak more tightly about your shoulders and lean a little closer to the golden glow of the struggling flame. The cold still […]