Giveaway Time!

The time has come, my friends!  I know it has taken us a little while to get here, but I’m ready to give out some of the new books.  I’m really excited to share the new material with as many people as I can.  Here is what is on offer:

5 copies of the Warden’s Will audiobook.  
1 proof of the print copy of Warden’s Path, signed. 
2 custom keychains etched with your choice of book-related art, and your name. 
– 1 slot on my early access list
 (unlimited access to new content before it releases)  

That is a total of nine different prizes!  I’m afraid the print copy of the book will be continental US only because I can’t really afford the international rates at the moment.  

How do you get these things, you ask?!  It’s simple!  Like AND Share the link to this blog post on Facebook, or like and share the mirrored post there.  This will run for two weeks from today, and at the end of that time I will use a random number generator to select winners.

Winners will be given a choice of prizes on a first-come basis, but all notifications of a win will go out at the same time.

Check out the books here:

Warden’s Will
Warden’s Path

Warden’s Will


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